Essential Oils for Allergy Relief

Now I want to start off by saying that I am by no means an Essential Oils expert.
I happen to have very lovely friends who are way more knowledgeable than me and who always answer my (many) questions. You should check them out at Tea Tree Hugger and

But I have been using oils pretty basically and pretty regularly for quite some time.
Growing up, Tea Tree Oil was a staple in the medicine cabinet. My mom put it on anything and everything that ailed us. (If you are having visuals of the Windex Dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you are not far off.) The thing is it worked and I still use it almost daily for a million and 1 reasons. (Maybe I’ll write a blog on that later? What do you say?) I also use peppermint oil for headaches, lavender to help me sleep, oregano for colds and congestion, and I recently got some Jasmine oil that makes me feel super sexy.

So while I’m not an EO’s virtuoso, I feel confident in my usage and love learning more and more. (Did I tell you guys I took an Aromatherapy workshop in Greece and it was the bee’s knees?).
I am however very adept and experienced in allergies.

Goodness do I have allergies. I joke quite a bit that I’m allergic to TX, but really it’s not too far of a stretch. I had mild reactions in Kansas City when the seasons changed or when the pollen count was high, but since I’ve moved back to home sweet home it seems like I am constantly under attack. I’ve even started getting rashes and itchy skin when there is something in the air my body isn’t in too.
Because of that, the last 2 years have been a constant hunt for relief that doesn’t involved me taking a steady stream of medications. It’s been a long road of crossing things off the list, but I am so excited because I’ve finally found something that seems to be working!

*******DRUM ROLL PLEASE***********


My Allergy Relief Essential Oil Blend

(Patent Pending)
((JK, I don’t know how to do that))


After coming back from Greece with my luggage loaded with fresh pressed essential oils from the island of Amorgos, a friend suggested I try making my own rollers and blends. I loved it because it was the perfect way for me to share these incredible oils I’d just carried 1/2 way around the world with so many more people!
After handing out so many souvenirs of Amorgan Rose and Honey Suckle rollers, I decided to dive into my own blends and the very first thing I wanted to tackle was my allergies. I did a lot of research and asked Lindsey and Angie a lot of questions and came up something I am pretty proud of.


oil rollers
I ordered these sweet rollers off Amazon, which I love because they are blue and came with that handy dropper.



For a 10ML roller I used

.5 ML Peppermint Oil

.5 ML Eucalyptus Oil

.5 ML Lavender Oil

.5 ML Lemon Oil

(1 dropper is .5 ML)

Fill the rest of the roller with either Almond Oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil (which ever I have handy) and get to rollin’!



herbs-3606074_1920 Peppermint acts as an expectorant and provides relief for allergies, as well as colds, coughs, sinusitis, asthma and bronchitis. It has the power to discharge phlegm and reduce inflammation — a leading cause of allergic reactions. It is also a relaxant and exhibits antispasmodic activity, inhibiting contractions that causes you to cough.



eucalyptus-2086785_1920 Eucalyptus contains citronellal, which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects; it also works as an expectorant, helping to cleanse the body of toxins and harmful microorganisms that are acting as allergens. It also opens up the lungs and sinuses, thereby improving circulation and reducing symptoms of allergies.



lavender-1930186_1920 Lavender oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and also a natural antihistamine.  So it can strengthen your body against allergens and reduce many of the painful symptoms of your allergies.  Lavender oil can also help treat rashes and hives that can appear from skin allergies.



lemons-1209309_1920 Lemon oil supports lymphatic system drainage and helps with overcoming respiratory conditions. Studies have shown that lemon essential oil inhibits the growth of bacteria and boosts the immune system.




In the mornings after I wash my face, I put this on at my sinus cavities – following the bridge of my nose and rounding under my eyes, above my eye brows, and at the very base of my skull right at my hairline above my neck.
Not only does it help me breathe better and fight the itch, it also acts as a really great moisturizer for my face.
I’ve noticed a pretty big difference in the way I feel day to day and the dark circles under my eyes are lightening up.
Win/ Win am I right?


What about you? Do you suffer from allergies like I do? Do you have any remedies you swear by? Leave a comment or send a message because I want to know!







One thought on “Essential Oils for Allergy Relief

  1. Very informative post, thanks for sharing 🙂 Spring has just sprung here in Australia, so I’ll be keeping these essential oils in mind for when my allergies decide to strike!


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