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“My daughter has been largely influenced by Melody Butler’s Twisted Tykes yoga classes. Not only is she super excited to see her teacher, whom she adores, but she truly loves to learn yoga. Ms. Melody takes her classes on a spiritual journey and her students don’t even realize all of the exercise, concentration and meditation they are practicing while having fun. My daughter practices yoga almost daily, on her own, using techniques acquired in her classes; she is centering herself, breathing and stretching and she is only 4 years old!! We were recently at Disney World waiting on a performance to start; the room was full of toddlers and it was hectic with most kids crying, running, yelling, jumping, etc. Emma seemed overwhelmed until she kicked her shoes off and started practicing some of her favorite poses! Her balance has improved, her confidence is higher, she is more independent and I appreciate all she has learned through this fabulous class!”

  • Alicia, Emma’s (age 4) mom

Twisted Tykes

“Melody is a great teacher because she always listens. Melody is great with kids. Growing up I loved her and I still love her now. She also has a great sense of humor. She can make me laugh any time of the day. She is also a great teacher because she knows what she is doing. She knows what and how to teach anyone.”

  • Faith (Age 8)

Creative Movement and Drama