Yoga Challenges

One of my favorite additions to my yoga offerings has been my yearly yoga challenge.
I love coming up with new themes and ideas and finding new ways to encourage us all to try something new, embrace our own practices, and maybe even take our yoga off the mat!




Why should you join in on a yoga challenge?

Motivation – One of the obvious benefits to joining a challenge is the tremendous source of motivation it offers. We all know accountability plays a huge role in helping us stay motivated in our efforts to reach our goals. Daily yoga challenges are an amazing tool in providing that consistent motivation!

Inspiration – I know there have certainly been times in my own yoga practice where I’ve found myself feeling “stagnant,” flowing from one favorite pose to the next without really pushing myself to venture outside of my comfort zone. But, seeing some of the yoga positions and variations that other challenge participants share can be a wonderful source of inspiration. After all, they say variety is the spice of life and it has certainly improved my yoga practice!

Discipline – Let’s face it: being held accountable isn’t always easy or fun, but can be substantially beneficial in our own discipline to practice consistently. Maybe that means changing from practicing three times a week to developing a daily yoga practice at home. Or, perhaps it means increasing the length of time you’re devoting to yoga, or setting more time aside to work on a specific pose. Whatever it may be, the discipline required to check in and participate daily in a yoga challenge will work wonders for achieving your goals!

Setting Goals – One of the regular components of a yoga challenge is the “goal,” whether it’s a handstand challenge like the first one I participated in, or a challenge that focuses on balance postures or heart openers. Whatever the theme of the challenge may be, participating will help you take steps toward achieving your own yoga goals!

Community – Yoga challenges are a wonderful way to find new friends and connection with a shared common interest right from the start! Just check out any of our challenge hashtags to see all the wonderful yogis participating around the world.
#30to30MBY #yogaisforlovers2019 and #mamaflow2020


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Any ideas on what next year’s theme should be?
Message me here to tell me what you think would be fun, challenging, creative, or cool!

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