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“Melody is AMAZING with one-on-one lessons. I was always intimidated by the idea of going to group classes (what if I looked silly?!?) so having her help me at home was awesome. She helped me modify poses to accommodate my specific physical limitations and showed me ways I could improve my flexibility and skill. I highly recommend scheduling her for an in-home private lesson!”

-Long time friend and long distance student

Private Lessons

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that at peace at moments during the class. It’s uplifting to see one pursue their passion with diligence and you have a very calming aura about you. What your bringing into this world of hate and envy is very special. Thank you again and much love for what you stand for and do.

-1st time student at Deep Stretch and Recovery at Ternion Athletics

A very special Thank you

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MBY YouTube Launch!

Big news my dears!
Next week I’ll be launching the Melody Butler Yoga YouTube channel! 
I am so excited, nervous, and ready to be bringing this project into the world finally. It is something I have been considering doing for quite some time and I just know now is the moment to take the leap!

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