MBY YouTube Launch!

Big news my dears!


Next week I’ll be launching the Melody Butler Yoga YouTube channel!
I am so excited, nervous, and ready to be bringing this project into the world finally. It is something I have been considering doing for quite some time and I just know now is the moment to take the leap!


MBY (2)


This launch is going to coincide with me diving back into the blog full force. So moving forward you will be seeing new content every Tuesday with a new video every other week and a new blog post on alternating weeks.

Videos will become an extension of the Yoga To Go program I’ve been offering for the last year and will include physical practices, guided meditations, pranayama or breath-work techniques, barre or strength training sequences, and mindfulness practices. They will vary in length and intensity so there will be something suitable for all ages and levels available!
The Blog will be more of an All Things Wellness/ Lifestyle mecca and will cover a range of topics such as tips and tricks for particular poses, Twisted Tykes Lesson Plans, DIY’s, wellness information, and big announcements.

I’m really looking forward to utilizing these 2 platforms to stay connected with you all no matter where we might roam!

Feel free to head on over and give the new MBY YouTube Channel a “Like and Subscribe” and keep your eyes peeled on Tuesday December 10th for the first video!

And of course let me know what kind of video and blog content you want to see more of in the new year!


Thank you for all of your love and support as the MBY community continues to grow and grow. I love sharing this process with you each step of the way and I cannot wait to see you there!


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