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On a time crunch or want to practice at any time of day, then my youtube channel is the place to be!
This is a safe and nurturing space to practice Yoga (including asana, mediation, and pranayama), Barre, Strength Training, and Mindfulness. Here at MBY we believe in a well rounded, full body and mind approach to health and above all to do what you feel and to feel good doing it!

Want to jump right in to some of my favorites?

Long day at work? Tired after a big hike or long run? Relax into Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall Pose) to refresh tired legs and calm your mind. Legs Up the Wall Pose is calming and relaxing. It improves circulation and can help reduce swelling lower extremities by redirecting lymph and other fluids from your ankles, knees, and pelvic organs to your upper body and head. It activates the relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system) and deactivates the stress response (sympathetic nervous system). To Enter and Exit: Sit on the floor facing a wall. Lower your shoulders and head to the floor, lying on your side. Then roll onto your back and stretch your legs up the wall, with your feet hip-distance apart or whatever distance feels comfortable. Adjust your position by scooting your tailbone toward the wall. It doesn’t need to touch the wall. Find a comfortable position for your arms at your side, with palms turned up; relax your arms and shoulders. Relax your legs against the wall. Release all effort. You might feel your femurs sink into your hip sockets. Feel the spine lengthening. Settle into the pose and breathe for at least 10 minutes. To come out of the pose, bend your knees and roll to your side. Remain here for a few breaths before using the strength of your arms to slowly push yourself back up to seated.

FREE At Home Yoga Practice Yoga Tips and Tricks How to use Yoga Blocks to support your practice. Yoga Blocks are one of my all time favorite yoga props (though I gotta tell you, I really love them all!). But Yoga blocks are accessible and almost everyone and every studio already has them so they are a handy way to add a little support to your yoga practice! Yoga blocks are most often used as an extension of one’s hands but are also used to support the back, head, and hips, and to deepen awareness of alignment. This 30 minute video is a little bit flow, a little bit restorative, a little bit lecture, and a lot of experimental fun! Try your hand at 10 different restorative yoga poses, including seated, standing, and reclined postures like sukasana, heros, pigeon, bound ankle, and savasana all with the help of our trusty yoga blocks. It is easy to think of yoga props as a crutch or as something only beginners need to use. Practitioners will also avoid them because they can often feel cumbersome and break the flow and experience of a class. BUT There are many ways to use blocks to deepen and expand your yoga practice.

10 Minute Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Tension Free Home Yoga Practice with Melody Butler Yoga to help you loosen up release Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain Neck and shoulder tension is something we all deal with at least occasionally. Our lifestyles, stress levels, posture, and even the way we sleep can all effect the mobility and freedom of our shoulders, neck and jaw. So grab a seat and take some time to loosen that all up with me. I promise you won’t regret it! This 10 minute seated practice can be done at home, in the office, or even in your (parked) car. You can take it in a chair, on your couch, in bed, or on your mat.