February 2nd 2018 I launched my very first Yoga Challenge to help celebrate my upcoming 30th Birthday!
This was a cross- platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, the MB Yoga email list and MelodyButlerYoga.com), 8- limb yoga challenge where we focused on bringing our practice off the mat and into our daily lives.
We’ve had volunteer days, journaling prompts, tasks, challenges, as well as asana and meditation, each set to a daily theme.

 #30to30MBY has been such a beautiful and inspiring experience and I cannot wait to make it an annual event!




Thank you so much to everyone who helped support this FREE yoga celebration (and look fly as hell) by ordering a Round the Sun Mandala T-Shirt or Tank!

We are all so lucky to have been given 1 more trip ’round the sun, so celebrate each and every day like it’s your birthday!

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Check out all the videos and content for each day on the 30 – 30 Facebook group
Day 1 – To Begin
Day 2 – Slow Down
Day 4 – Meditation Monday – Measured Breath
Day 5 – To Burn
Day 6 – Finding Balance in the Half Moon
Day 9 – To Support
Day 13 – Heart Opening Flow
Day 15 – Dog Days for the Year of the Dog
Day 16 – Grateful and Playful Flow
Day 18 – Meditation Monday – Loving Kindness
Day 22 – To Breath
Day 25 – Meditation Monday – Internal and External Awareness


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To Celebrate


Look back at all the love we’ve created across Social Media!





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