To Celebrate

Holy Moly Y’all! I’m 30!
I’ve been referring to my self as 30 for about two years now. But it is finally real and true. That is wild!

This world has flipped upside down and back again about a million times in these 30 years (more so it seems in the last 3). Nothing is as I thought it would be when I got here, and to be totally honest I’m really really glad.

Through death, and heartbreak, letting go of past dreams and creating new ones, unbelievable traumas and loss, and hard-won healing – physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally – this winding path has led me here. In a strange but not accidental way, I’ve come full circle. I’m back living in the house I grew up in but creating a life and a career I couldn’t have even dreamed of 15 years ago. I am simultaneously on my own and surrounded by such complete and unwavering support it makes me tear up just to think about. My tribe has grown in size and strength and I fully believe that each person I choose to surround myself with was brought to me for a reason.
My life is busy and full and filled to the brim with such joy and creation I can hardly stand it. I feel as though I am on the brink of something. Not settling or slowing down but instead approaching take-off like a plane moving down a runway.
I have so much to celebrate.



I have a special place in my heart for this verb. It was my intention for my 28th birthday as well and I feel pretty good about bringing it back. That year I used it as my daily mantra for several months. I let it be my guiding force as I made decisions, set goals, and even as I sat in stillness.
It is probably from the many years I’ve spent directing and teaching acting, but I love defining my objectives and tactics and letting those over-arching themes help me move along my path.

This year I’d like to expand (or perhaps narrow) its meaning just a bit. I want to celebrate successes and failures; to celebrate the times I lost my way or the times I had to be picked up and carried just as much as the times I sprinted through the finish line with arms in the air. And I want to celebrate the fact that I have so many more successes and failures ahead of me. I have so many more opportunities to make mistakes and fall short and work harder than I have too and that is the fucking best.
I get to try ANYTHING. I can create new ideas and projects and offerings every single day. What could be better? (Literally, I’m asking. This realization feels so incredibly groundbreaking I can’t think of anything to compare.)


As much as I love New Years, I’ve always felt more connected to setting intentions with my birthday than with the start of the calendar year. Sometimes I make a big ritual out of it with meditations and journaling and candles and crystals and oracle cards. Other times I just keep a running list in my planner, writing them down as they come to me and refining them later.
This year has been a little bit of both. With 30 to 30 going on, I’ve been constantly vibrating with energy and work for you all; making big Yoga Biz plans and holding space for those around me. I hadn’t given myself much space to bring my focus to a singular place, or honestly much room to breath. But over the last week I’ve been able to  find a little more peace. This challenge is wrapping up, I’m moving forward to the next big idea, and also finding some quite. Or perhaps more accurately, my mind started to freeze up and forced me to do a hard re-start. (Maybe now that I’m 30, I’ll learn to start to slow down before I break down. Maybe I’ll also finally make that dentist appointment.)


Whatever the cause, the result is the same. I am now creating my intentions for my 30th year.
Some of them are practical

  • Be more financially minded.
  • Become more aware of where my money comes from and where it goes.
  • Learn how to let my credit cards work for me and to get the most out of those rewards.


Some of them are literal and concrete business goals

  • Enjoy the beautiful community events I am organizing – Brew Yoga, Beach Yoga, Twisted Tykes Day Camps and Summer Camps, Partnerships with the Library and Museum, Yoga Challenges, ect
  • Present at my first Yoga Conference
  • Teach at a Yoga Festival
  • Host a Yoga Retreat
  • Create Video and Online Offerings
  • Complete this round of my Continuing Education Hours for Yoga Alliance


And some of them are personal or more abstract/ universal

  • Remember to rest when I can and hustle when I need to
  • Be quite
  • Open my heart and mind to new possibilities
  • Let go of old shit!
  • Clean, clear, and create space so that fresh energy can flow through
  • Offer more gratitude and receive more love



Obviously that is a lot. And several of these will fall away or morph and modify throughout the year. But I feel really good about my starting point.
And I know that I am in fact, just starting.

How humbling and exciting is that?




3 thoughts on “To Celebrate

  1. Thank you so much for 30 to 30! I’ve followed it every day (with some of my own modifications). You’re an inspiration and a blessing to the world. Celebrate big and best wishes for a fantastic year ahead! ❤


  2. I am so excited to watch you grow and explode and blossom even MORE this year! You inspire and motivate me from halfway across the country and I can’t WAIT to watch (and follow along) as you reach even more people with your truly remarkable, giving, (and charming and beuztoful) gift and ability. ❤️


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