Mama Flow 2020

#MamaFlow2020 Instagram Prenatal Yoga Challenge


Join Melody Butler Yoga and Sarah Elizabeth Ridley for a prenatal yoga challenge through the trimesters!

This 2 week #mamaflow Instagram challenge will feature 13 poses tailor made for each of the 4 trimesters and is perfect for mamas, mamas to be, and anyone at all who wants to yoga #likeamother!

Of course, you absolutely do not have to be a pregnant or post -partum to participate. These postures are available to all practitioners and skill levels and great for anyone who suffers from back pain, fatigue, a racing mind, or who just wants to find their way into their body or into a yoga practice.


Pose line up


**1st Trimester** 

Prenatal Flow 


Active Child’s Pose


Modified Reclined Twist



**2nd Trimester**

Lizard & Open Twist


Goddess Pose


Prenatal Plank



**3rd Trimester**

Side Bend


Pelvic Tilts


Low Squat or Malasana



**4th Trimester**

Cow Face Arms 


Wide Legged Fold


Postnatal Boat



**Final Resting Pose**

Prenatal & Postnatal Savasana




We can’t say a big enough thank you to our sponsors,
@pressedposy, @inesalvidres, &  @artbyjillwaldrep
These incredible female artists are lighting up the world with their work and we were so happy to have their custom pieces to give to our mamas!


Want to relive the fun! Check out the#Mamaflow2020 on Instagram and the event on Facebook!