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  • Meditation 101 – The How

    Meditation 101 – The How

    I wrote last week about WHY I do my best to maintain a personal meditation practice and offered all sorts of reasons why you should too! Today I’d like to get into the HOW.  Of course, just like your asana practice and just like our daily lives, there are a million ways to approach and… Read more

  • Meditation 101 – The Why

    Meditation 101 – The Why

    I teach meditation and breath work in all of my classes, and I know that just the word itself can seem daunting to students. The assumption being that you’ll have to sit for hours and think of NOTHING. This idea is not only inaccessible but it’s almost impossible. (If there is NOTHING happening in your… Read more

  • Deepen the Heart Yoga Retreat

    Deepen the Heart Yoga Retreat

    Y’all! I am hosting my very first Yoga Retreat, right here in South East Texas and I just can’t wait to share it with you! This Women- Only, Long Weekend, Beach Retreat is sure to leave you feeling refreshed, uplifted, and connected! Read more

  • To Celebrate

    To Celebrate

    Holy Moly! I’m 30! Through death, and heartbreak, letting go of past dreams and creating new ones, unbelievable traumas and loss, and hard-won healing – physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally – this winding path has led me here. In a strange but not accidental way, I’ve come full circle. And it is time to CELEBRATE! Read more

  • Yo Soy Fuerte – Warrior Series and Variations

    Yo Soy Fuerte – Warrior Series and Variations

    Day 21 – Be Fierce We are each a warrior in so many ways and these poses allow us to tap into that part of ourselves. Each Warrior poses offers poise, balance, strength, flexibility, stamina, and grounding. In our Warriors we hold our ground, fix our gaze, and prepare our selves mentally, physically, and spiritually… Read more

  • How I Enhance my Yoga Practice with Essential Oils – Guest Blog with Angie!

    How I Enhance my Yoga Practice with Essential Oils – Guest Blog with Angie!

    Day 7 of the #30to30MBY Challenge is all about Cleansing. To help us celebrate, Angie Cruise is offering us tips and tricks on using essential oils during your yoga practice and sharing how you can make your own mat spray at home! Read more