Yoga Retreat in Mexico!

Are you ready for an experience you’ll never forget? Are you dreaming of a week of daily yoga, relaxing beaches, delicious food, and awe inspiring adventures? Then join me for 7 days of beachside bliss at the spectacular resort, Mar de Jadeon the Pacific Coast of Mexico. This week long gift to yourself will be the perfect combination of play and rest and of course yoga and meditation. You’ll wake up each morning to the sounds of the jungle and the smells of the sea and lay down each night with a full belly and clear heart.

Launching Deepen the Heart 2019!

Launching Deepen the Heart 2019! In just 6 short months, it will be time for Deepen the Heart Round 2! This year's theme is all about the New Moon and creating space for a little more self care and self love in our lives!

Heart Chakra 101

In honor of completing our Yoga is for Lovers challenge, I thought I would create this nice little introduction to the Anahata, or Heart Chakra. Now believe me, there is more info out there on our chakral system them any of us will ever be able to absorb in this lifetime alone! So don't get overwhelmed. This post is meant to be an easy intro to our 4th energy center. A nice little appetizer of sorts, and when your ready you can dive into your own study and learn more! 

Yoga is for Lovers 2019 Round Up – The Postures

Within our Yoga is for Lovers yoga challenge this year, we took on 8 different heart opening, or back bending postures to help us increase energy, better our posture, cultivate compassion and connection, decrease isolation and depression, face our fears, and increase our breathing capacity, blood circulation, and our capacity for love, confidence and trust!

Yoga is for Lovers Round Up – Meditations

Especially as a teacher and a business owner, I find it really important to be able to sit and restore when I can, so that I can continue to offer my best to you all.  For our Yoga is for Lovers this year, I included 4 guided meditations that I practice and teach rather frequently. I love each and every one of them for a variety of reasons, but most importantly for the love and care they help me cultivate in my life.