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Yoga is for Lovers 2019 Round Up – Journal Prompts

With our Yoga is for Lovers Challenge this year we spent some time examining our the love we give and to whom we give it too. We focused on Self Love, Loving Relationships, and Global or Community Love.  I absolutely loved being able to dive in a little deeper in to how I approach these relationships and experiences.  I am a big journal-er in my daily life, so to help us all find a broader understanding I offered up prompts for each category and encouraged participates to take some time with each question.

Read With Me, Yoga

MB Yoga Challenge 2019!

MB Yoga Challenge 2019! Yoga is for Lovers is an online, community yoga challenge created to help cultivate LOVE in our hearts, minds, and neighborhoods. Through posture, meditation, activities, and community events, we will spend these 2 weeks working together to honor love in all it's forms and finish feeling open, confident, and joyous in our daily lives!

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Meditation 101 – The How

I wrote last week about WHY I do my best to maintain a personal meditation practice and offered all sorts of reasons why you should too! Today I'd like to get into the HOW.  Of course, just like your asana practice and just like our daily lives, there are a million ways to approach and practice this ancient art.  But these are some of the things I do to enhance my meditation situation.